CRUSOE Survival Map

We introduced to you guys a lot of cool and awesome map, but today, we took this one, the Crusoe Survival Map, one of the best survival maps in our point of view!! Just like its name, this map is an island where you have to survive on. This is my favorite kind of theme in maps. This Crusoe survival map gives the player a role-playing kind of feeling and it doesn’t force you to do anything or ban you from doing something you want to, means no restriction.

This one making you more confident and willing to survive for a long time, as long as you can. Not me but all my friend were excited to play this map, this one is very good not from a single view, you can search it from many forums too !! If you’re a fan of thriller and dangerous, you must try this one !! This map also has a lot of extreme features too. The Crusoe Survival map is so great when you play it in multiplayer mode, it would be really fun to play with your Minecraft friends. You can choose to play co-op or competitively styled. And there are so many ways to play this awesome map!!