Kingdom of the Sky Map

If you’re looking for a map including attractive storyline during your gameplay, this Kingdom of the Sky will be your best selection. This map is an extreme adventure, it contains a high level of difficulty in every single challenges, so many secrets and hidden treasures are waiting for you to be discovered.

As we can see, in normal version of Minecraft, there is no narration or storyline that comes along with the game, this is what makes this game so unique. But with Kingdom of the Sky map, you will enjoy one of the most fascinating story ever go along with your game !! While playing the game, you will see signs prompting you to listen to the videos, don’t worry, you don’t need to turn off Minecraft to do this, you just need to press Alt + Tab and click the sign, then listen to the audio-video while playing !!

In my point of view, this map is very difficult !! In fact, there are so many tips, clues and hidden treasure are found when you die. And you guys should remember to use the beds scattered along the map as checkpoints to you don’t lose your places. The creator of this map recommends players using Painterly Resource pack since it is made to used with Kingdom of the Sky map. This resource pack contains over 5000 different graphics, textures, etc…

Mario Sprint Map

Are you a fan of Mario – one of the most famous video game ever – ? And have you played many exciting games based on Mario ? Today, we will introduce to you guys a map called Mario Sprint. Started from basic and simple graphics, but nowadays, most of Mario games designed on 3D environment. And with this map, players allowed to join the new Mario combined with racing games, there is so much fun here!

This map is made for you!! It brings you varied locations and places that are taken from the original Mario Kart games. If you want to be a winner, you must sprint against other players through a dozen different areas !! Some places such as Peaches Castle, Rainbow Road,… are included in this map !! You will love this Mario Sprint map and graphics in this one. So hope you guys will enjoy in !! Be sure to download and install it today!

CRUSOE Survival Map

We introduced to you guys a lot of cool and awesome map, but today, we took this one, the Crusoe Survival Map, one of the best survival maps in our point of view!! Just like its name, this map is an island where you have to survive on. This is my favorite kind of theme in maps. This Crusoe survival map gives the player a role-playing kind of feeling and it doesn’t force you to do anything or ban you from doing something you want to, means no restriction.

This one making you more confident and willing to survive for a long time, as long as you can. Not me but all my friend were excited to play this map, this one is very good not from a single view, you can search it from many forums too !! If you’re a fan of thriller and dangerous, you must try this one !! This map also has a lot of extreme features too. The Crusoe Survival map is so great when you play it in multiplayer mode, it would be really fun to play with your Minecraft friends. You can choose to play co-op or competitively styled. And there are so many ways to play this awesome map!!

Scorpion Fortress Map

Today, we introduce to you guys a map called Scorpion Fortress. This creator of this map has implement everything that he wants the build to be, which is very cool style, into a simple effective, awesome looking map. Nothing is complicated, this map is based in a desert, so it designed to a desert theme. The desert regions are said to be the place where more Scorpions live than any other species, or stereo typically known to be there, thus the name of the map.

This map create implements a lot of scorpion designs, the author often use spires and bridges in the design. With these things, the builder design is very unique, and he absolutely experienced or has knowledge of how to build awesome and complex projects. There just only rooms for the player to use, but the castle itself is a simple and beautiful place to use for a survival server, or recreate as a base if you want to enjoy this map with your friend on a multiplayer server. There will be more updates in the future to make the game more beautiful and many further adjustments ..

City of Maikura Japanese Metropolis Map

Today, we gonna introduce to you guys one of the best city map in Minecraft which called ” The City of Maikura Map”. This one is a metropolis, more detail, it is a Japanese themed modern day map which is huge, nice, incredibly build into the world of Minecraft. This beautiful city is all yours, you can do anything you want !!! It’s up to you how you want to play with it. It’s a mega city with buildings, sky scrapers, roads, streets, public place such as lakes or gardens,… You don’t know how beautiful it is if you don’t really try it yourself.

Every single structure, building, details of the huge Maikura city has been designed and altered to absolute, careful perfection. After check out this map, I think this map is really realistic and detailed, very good if you want to compare to other city builds. Buildings, sky scrapers,… is very unique, just like many modern Japanese cities we have in the real world. The author has done a very good job, this map brings real life, modern day Japanese city which is located on a metropolis, … every detail is perfect.

The Murders in Mushrooms-Street 42 Map

Today, we will introduce to you guys a brand new map called ” The Murders in Mushrooms-Street “, only the name could make we know something about the storyline of this map. This map is about the stubborn protagonist Olaf Rumson. This man is a detective, 38 years old, who stumble a case in the outskirt of the city, which called Mushroom-Street 42. This place, hmm … is gloomy and not a pleasant place at all. Sickening discrimination, drug dealing, …bad thing is going on day by day.

The story is, there are four politicians of the Sovereignty Party went to this place to advertise their party and try to get more votes, but something happened and it soon ended in misery. All of them are were disappeared, no one could find them in a few days until the receptionist of Brickling Apartments found two of their bodies. The two left were never found. So with this map, you gonna play as Olaf Rumson to solve this mystery.

This map is a bit complicated so I don’t think it suitable for newbie, for player who want to have fun all the time while playing Minecraft, because you could get mad or even crazy with this map.

The Emperor of Minopia Map

This The Emperor of Minopia Map is one of the biggest map files ever have been created in Minecraft. This map is not only biggest but also exciting and most thrilling since there are thousand of quests waiting for you with an attractive story line.

First, you will start at a small kingdom in the Reqime of Minecrafia called MINOPIA. However, this place isn’t peaceful, you will have to deal with a problem which is th evil emperor.

The special thing is : this kingdom divided itself into eastern Minopia where poor and hopeless people lives in, on the other hand, western Minopia where greedy people live in . You, your friend and your steeve decided to rebel after almost ten years of hardship but of course, you need to go through a series of troubles and problems until you finally end the chapters .

Few tips about Minecraft game!

There is a lot of giving available in all over the world. Now we can play games on our mobiles daily. Games like Minecraft are sufficient to give all the great fun and entertainment for life. The game is beautifully designed by the developers of the game to provide you ample found in the home or in the offices where you work only to get all the wages. Medicine trees found that playing games on the mobile or the computer provide medicine trees found that playing games on the mobile or the laptop offers help in improving overall the health of the brain and physical fitness. You can Play Minecraft in a group also in a multiplayer mode. Minecraft game is specially designed for the persons who want to play the game in a group because there are so many activities and task include in the game which needs multiplayer gaming. You can do magic in the game by doing some simple things, which is essential to make the server for the game to play multiplayer gaming in the game.

I know you will find some necessary help to meet the security service for the Minecraft game. Just follow all the tips and lines mentioned below to get a Minecraft server.

  • Due to the hi popularity of the game, there are so many people you want to play the game in a multiplayer. When to make a secure server for the month of the game, you need to do things in the main menu of the game.
  • I just filled the main menu option and went there over the adding option button on the main menu. My hurting this button, you are free to add more and more servers in the game.
  • After that, you need to go to the website of the game or to search for some other sites and YouTube videos for the best information about the making of the server.
  • There are a lot of videos of any permission available for the Minecraft server, which is always essential to make your server for Minecraft game.
  • Just follow all the tips pictures given on the videos and other official websites of the game to start the multiplayer gaming in the mine craft game. 
  • You also need to make the same server very appealing. The server is not feeling you may lose attraction on the internet. Excellent theme power traction for the server is always good to provide Apple support by The Gamers of the world.
  • The cost of the Minecraft server is also to be considered while choosing a particular service for making Minecraft server in the home for the offices.

Cancel that the words given about are sufficient to help you in making the profitable and secure server for the multiplayer game in the Minecraft game. Just follow all the tabs and basics given about to make all the property for the Minecraft game. So it is better to follow all the tips carefully to get all the decent help in playing the Minecraft game in a group

Minecraft Servers – How to Choose the Right One?

As you know that there are plenty of minecraft servers present which are used to play Minecraft in multiplayer mode, therefore it is necessary for you to choose only the perfect server as to play the game properly and safely. Now, the main thing is that how you know that which Minecraft server is perfect or which server you have to choose as to play the particular game? It is the main question and here in the post you are going to meet with a good answer but a little bit later.

Firstly, gamers have to know everything about Minecraft. It is an arcade game which is launched recently by Mojang. People from all across the world play Minecraft to utilize their free time or to get the best gaming experience. Not only is this, the same game allows the users to play it in single-player mode and also in multiplayer mode. Gamers simply require a safe and secure server to play Minecraft in multiplayer mode. To find the best minecraft servers you can also take help from the reviews which are present online.

4 Steps to choose the right minecraft server

Here are some main steps or the main things shared with you that the gamers need to know first and then use them properly. By doing so, they easily become able to find and choose the perfect or safe server to play minecraft in multiplayer mode.

  • Check the list of servers – It is the first thing on which gamers need to pay attention. They have to check the entire list of the minecraft servers. One has to check the services and availability of the servers and then choose that provide appropriate services and also available 24*7. Also, the main thing is that you have to look for the active servers.
  • Population – Well, it means that you have to choose that minecraft server in which there is more and more players logged in. if you want to play the small games then you have to choose that server in which there are minimum 100 players logged in. on the other side, if you want to play with the intimate community then you have to choose 50 players server.
  • Gameplay type – One have to directly choose the best type of gameplay. You can easily know the server by watching the descriptions and tags. So, after considering all the tags and descriptions you have to choose the best gameplay type.
  • Server website – You need to choose that minecraft server among all others which provide the official website. You have to visit the official website of that server once and then use it to play minecraft.

Therefore, all these are the main steps of things which help you in finding and choosing the most appropriate server among various minecraft servers present out there. The more and more you consider these things, the easier it become for you to play minecraft in multiplayer mode.

Guardian farm?

Just recently we started playing online Minecraft and the server team and me and got updated to Minecraft 1.14.3.

But it seems like my guardian farm is now broken. It was working just fine on Minecraft 1.14.1. It spawns guardians in many waves that come once about every 2 minutes or so.

Did they change guardian spawning mechanics again or is the server just being weird for some reason?

It’s bad enough we already tried to rebuild whole fine but as you can imagine that didn’t really help.