The Murders in Mushrooms-Street 42 Map

Today, we will introduce to you guys a brand new map called ” The Murders in Mushrooms-Street “, only the name could make we know something about the storyline of this map. This map is about the stubborn protagonist Olaf Rumson. This man is a detective, 38 years old, who stumble a case in the outskirt of the city, which called Mushroom-Street 42. This place, hmm … is gloomy and not a pleasant place at all. Sickening discrimination, drug dealing, …bad thing is going on day by day.

The story is, there are four politicians of the Sovereignty Party went to this place to advertise their party and try to get more votes, but something happened and it soon ended in misery. All of them are were disappeared, no one could find them in a few days until the receptionist of Brickling Apartments found two of their bodies. The two left were never found. So with this map, you gonna play as Olaf Rumson to solve this mystery.

This map is a bit complicated so I don’t think it suitable for newbie, for player who want to have fun all the time while playing Minecraft, because you could get mad or even crazy with this map.