Minecraft Servers – How to Choose the Right One?

As you know that there are plenty of minecraft servers present which are used to play Minecraft in multiplayer mode, therefore it is necessary for you to choose only the perfect server as to play the game properly and safely. Now, the main thing is that how you know that which Minecraft server is perfect or which server you have to choose as to play the particular game? It is the main question and here in the post you are going to meet with a good answer but a little bit later.

Firstly, gamers have to know everything about Minecraft. It is an arcade game which is launched recently by Mojang. People from all across the world play Minecraft to utilize their free time or to get the best gaming experience. Not only is this, the same game allows the users to play it in single-player mode and also in multiplayer mode. Gamers simply require a safe and secure server to play Minecraft in multiplayer mode. To find the best minecraft servers you can also take help from the reviews which are present online.

4 Steps to choose the right minecraft server

Here are some main steps or the main things shared with you that the gamers need to know first and then use them properly. By doing so, they easily become able to find and choose the perfect or safe server to play minecraft in multiplayer mode.

  • Check the list of servers – It is the first thing on which gamers need to pay attention. They have to check the entire list of the minecraft servers. One has to check the services and availability of the servers and then choose that provide appropriate services and also available 24*7. Also, the main thing is that you have to look for the active servers.
  • Population – Well, it means that you have to choose that minecraft server in which there is more and more players logged in. if you want to play the small games then you have to choose that server in which there are minimum 100 players logged in. on the other side, if you want to play with the intimate community then you have to choose 50 players server.
  • Gameplay type – One have to directly choose the best type of gameplay. You can easily know the server by watching the descriptions and tags. So, after considering all the tags and descriptions you have to choose the best gameplay type.
  • Server website – You need to choose that minecraft server among all others which provide the official website. You have to visit the official website of that server once and then use it to play minecraft.

Therefore, all these are the main steps of things which help you in finding and choosing the most appropriate server among various minecraft servers present out there. The more and more you consider these things, the easier it become for you to play minecraft in multiplayer mode.

Guardian farm?

Just recently we started playing online Minecraft and the server team and me and got updated to Minecraft 1.14.3.

But it seems like my guardian farm is now broken. It was working just fine on Minecraft 1.14.1. It spawns guardians in many waves that come once about every 2 minutes or so.

Did they change guardian spawning mechanics again or is the server just being weird for some reason?

It’s bad enough we already tried to rebuild whole fine but as you can imagine that didn’t really help.

Minecraft Parental Consent

So, I wanted to play Minecraft Realms with some friends, but I have to get a parental permission, so I did that and everything worked until you have to pay the 0,10 cents.

The credit card does work and I typed everything right, but still this error message appears: Credit Card information is wrong etc.

Is it a problem of their Servers or what? Could it be credit card issue?

Anyone managed to get their credit card to work with Minecraft stuff?

Will Minecraft 1.13 shader packs work properly with Minecraft 1.14?

I know 1.12 shader packs don’t work properly with 1.13 but will this be the case with 1.14 using 1.13 shader packs?

Since no major filename/block ID changes were made in this version, (to my working knowledge) I’d assume they will, for the most part.

Minecraft 1.13 introduced a major code base change from Minecraft 1.12; this is why it took so long for the creator/s of Optifine to adjust and release the mod for 1.13. 1.14 is only an add-on to the 1.13 code base so it *should* transfer just fine in terms of shader packs 🙂