Scorpion Fortress Map

Today, we introduce to you guys a map called Scorpion Fortress. This creator of this map has implement everything that he wants the build to be, which is very cool style, into a simple effective, awesome looking map. Nothing is complicated, this map is based in a desert, so it designed to a desert theme. The desert regions are said to be the place where more Scorpions live than any other species, or stereo typically known to be there, thus the name of the map.

This map create implements a lot of scorpion designs, the author often use spires and bridges in the design. With these things, the builder design is very unique, and he absolutely experienced or has knowledge of how to build awesome and complex projects. There just only rooms for the player to use, but the castle itself is a simple and beautiful place to use for a survival server, or recreate as a base if you want to enjoy this map with your friend on a multiplayer server. There will be more updates in the future to make the game more beautiful and many further adjustments ..