Kingdom of the Sky Map

If you’re looking for a map including attractive storyline during your gameplay, this Kingdom of the Sky will be your best selection. This map is an extreme adventure, it contains a high level of difficulty in every single challenges, so many secrets and hidden treasures are waiting for you to be discovered.

As we can see, in normal version of Minecraft, there is no narration or storyline that comes along with the game, this is what makes this game so unique. But with Kingdom of the Sky map, you will enjoy one of the most fascinating story ever go along with your game !! While playing the game, you will see signs prompting you to listen to the videos, don’t worry, you don’t need to turn off Minecraft to do this, you just need to press Alt + Tab and click the sign, then listen to the audio-video while playing !!

In my point of view, this map is very difficult !! In fact, there are so many tips, clues and hidden treasure are found when you die. And you guys should remember to use the beds scattered along the map as checkpoints to you don’t lose your places. The creator of this map recommends players using Painterly Resource pack since it is made to used with Kingdom of the Sky map. This resource pack contains over 5000 different graphics, textures, etc…