City of Maikura Japanese Metropolis Map

Today, we gonna introduce to you guys one of the best city map in Minecraft which called ” The City of Maikura Map”. This one is a metropolis, more detail, it is a Japanese themed modern day map which is huge, nice, incredibly build into the world of Minecraft. This beautiful city is all yours, you can do anything you want !!! It’s up to you how you want to play with it. It’s a mega city with buildings, sky scrapers, roads, streets, public place such as lakes or gardens,… You don’t know how beautiful it is if you don’t really try it yourself.

Every single structure, building, details of the huge Maikura city has been designed and altered to absolute, careful perfection. After check out this map, I think this map is really realistic and detailed, very good if you want to compare to other city builds. Buildings, sky scrapers,… is very unique, just like many modern Japanese cities we have in the real world. The author has done a very good job, this map brings real life, modern day Japanese city which is located on a metropolis, … every detail is perfect.